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Date: 9/24/2020
Subject: KFDW September 2020 Newsletter
From: KFDW

KFDW Newsletter
 September 2020

Hi Members and Friends of KFDW!

Have you seen the new video by the Chicks (formerly Dixie Chicks)? No? Don't know about you, but this gets us feeling motivated and ready to work hard for a better world. Because it's been an especially hard month, let's start there!
(Click image below to see video)

Let's talk Dates...
We aren't talkin' two starry-eyed lovers at a table for two over candlelight (remember those?) and we aren't talkin' about the Mediterranean fruit that contains 30 carbs each. 
No, we are talkin' the calendar variety. 
So this is how it all breaks down:

Open to the Public
Saturday, September 27th, 1:00pm - 1:45pm
Join Here
Zoom ID: 895 7451 5579
Zoom Password: 959165
"1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)
Meeting ID: 895 7451 5579
Passcode: 959165"

The State Convention will be held virtually on October 2nd thru 4th.
The cost is $10 per delegate and no charge for any other attendees.
October 17th, 2020

From Brittany Packnett Cunningham, activist, on the night of RBG's passing...
I know the popular analysis is going to be "we're screwed," and I *feel you.*
But nah, RBG didn't go out like that and neither are we.
I'm not speaking that, and I'm not believing that. We gon fight. That's what we're gonna do. 
I'll be realistic. This fight just got way harder.
But I won't be fatalistic. Not with my ancestors blood running through my veins. [Tip of the hat] to @naomiosaka
@prisonculture always says "hope is a discipline." 
I think she meant that for us, right now. 
Cry tonight if you need to.
But fight tomorrow. Because we have to.
Click on image below to see video tribute.

Because we aren't able to host our largest fundraiser of the year, our Annual State Convention, we are instead counting on members and supporters like you to help us raise money for candidates by purchasing items we have for sale. If you'd prefer to just donate to our candidate fund, you can do that, too! 
Shirts are available in black and heather grey (shown). Orders will be shipped out around the 1st of the month. You may need to click on the link below twice if you are using Google Chrome as your browser. 


"FINISH THE FIGHT!" first appeared on a handbill in 1919, the year the Susan B. Anthony Amendment was passed by Congress and sent to the states for consideration 

"The slogan was an exhortation not only for women who lacked the right to vote, but also for those who already had it, since ratification depended on a national coalition, drawing resources from suffrage strongholds and dispatching them to the expanding flanks of the movement. " -Casey Cep, "The Imperfect, Unfinished Work of Women's Suffrage," The New Yorker, 2019

The art deco sunflower is an homage to the the time period when the 19th Amendment was passed. The sunflower is also the state flower of Kansas and was adopted as a symbol of the movement at the time. Yellow and purple were the colors adopted by the Suffrage Movement and appear on their flags and other PR materials created.
This year, in honor of the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th amendment, we are offering several items to commemorate the this special occasion. 

Finally! You can become a KFDW At-Large Member!
For those who'd like to join the largest organized group of Democratic women in Kansas but aren't near a local chapter, you can now become an At-Large Member. Executive Board Meetings and all virtual chapter meetings are available to members. Your membership fee of $25 supports outreach and candidate donations. 

District Updates
Update on First District from Jo Schwartz, KFDW First District Chair

News from the 1st District…..


The Saline Co Dem Women held their 2nd in person meeting September 19, 2020, consisting primarily of officers in attendance.


Currently “life” is determined by what is happening in our communities with Covid 19, and so we will offer the option of attending our next monthly meeting (Oct 17, 10:45AM) by Zoom from the safety of your home for those not wanting to attend in person.


In our October meeting, Diana Carver from the League of Women Voters will be presenting details on the“March to the Polls."


We have also invited Hollie Niblett to talk about the new KFDW website and CRM features to make it easier for people to join our chapter,  and stay in touch with members across the state. 


Our next fundraiser will be a “No Sell” Garage Sale where members pay a minimum of $25 to not have one!


Update on Second District from Lori Rowe, CADW President
This has been a crazy year for trying to get meetings scheduled. We had a regular meeting in January where the new officers were installed. We had to cancel February due to a snow storm.
March was a normal meeting with Joan Wagnon speaking to us about activities planned to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment. The remainder of the year’s meetings have been virtual events.

April: Zoom meeting with Vicki Hiatt, chair, Kansas Democratic Party. She talked to us about the 2020 Kansas Presidential Primary and ranked choice voting.

May: This was our very first Facebook Live event. We teamed up with the Shawnee County Democrats at their HQ and the goal for two hours was to encourage Democrats to sign up to be precinct committee men and women. We also provided a notary to help PCP’s complete and turn in their forms. It was fun and a success. We plan to team up on this project again in 2022.

June:Zoom meeting with Rep. Jim Gartner: “Kansas Legislature Special Session” and Kansas State Board of Education member Ann Mah: “Back to School Fall 2020”
July: Our second FB Live event at the Shawnee County Democrats HQ. We invited the 2 Democrats running for House District 52 and the 3 Democrats running for Senate District 18. The candidates made statements and answered questions.We recorded this and made it available on our FB page.
August: Zoom meeting with Diana Carlin: “The Long Road to the 19th Amendment-Kansas Leads the Way”. She had a great PowerPoint presentation.
September: Zoom meeting with Joshua Luttrell, Democratic candidate for District Attorney and Ethel Edwards, Shawnee County Democratic Chair. Joshua answered a lot of questions and Ethel gave us an update on election activities and volunteer opportunities.
We launched our 2020 Membership Drive at the September meeting.Our goal is to have 20 new members at the end of 2020 and to have enough total members by 12/31/20 to qualify for 6 delegates at the KFDW convention in 2021 (we currently get 5).
We are working to improve our FB page with more and better information that will be useful to our members and the community. Joe Cheray is doing a Candidate Spotlight on the women candidates relevant to Shawnee County.We will also be providing information on “Planning Your Vote” and upcoming General Election deadlines.

Update on 3rd District:
JCDW North: 
Because of DemoFest, I am cancelling our board meeting this month. Great news! We are making good money selling bumper stickers and buttons at the office. So far we’ve made close to $1000! Our meeting for October is next Thursday October 1st. Our speaker is Zach Thomas, who is running for JOCO District Attorney. I’ll send out the link next week. Thank you all! See you next Thursday!
Anne Pritchett
JCDW South
The October Speaker for JCDW South is Nubia Estefes-Ureña  (She/Her/Ella). Nubia is a community organizer and a volunteer with The Kansas Missouri Dream Alliance (KSMODA).
Wyandotte Progressive Democratic Women:

Update on Fourth District by Tanya Shryock, SCDW President

Sedgwick County Democratic Women (SCDW) continue to adjust to life with Covid – our membership meetings are “Zoomed” and our communications are digital (emails, social media). 


We’ve had the honor of presentations from Laura Lombard, 4th Congressional District Candidate, and Dr. Barbara Bollier, U.S. Senatorial Candidate.  Having an all-female democratic candidate slate for federal offices is historic for our state.  How wonderful it will be to have “Sunflower Sisters” as our federal representation in D.C.! 


In August, SCDW partnered with Sedgwick County Young Democrats and South Sedgwick County Democratic Club to host a “Candidate Speed Dating” event. 


Twenty-seven democratic candidates participated.  Candidates talked about their campaigns, their motivation for running for office, and how people can help them win.


First time candidates were pleased to watch experienced candidates’ presentations.  Experienced candidates were glad to connect with other democratic candidates. 


During the breaks, participants were divided into smaller “break out rooms”.  Participants commented that the break out rooms were an effective way to meet other Sedgwick County Democrats.


Following the event, a spreadsheet with candidate contact information was posted in our Facebook group, Democratic Women in Sedgwick County. 


If you’d like to donate to one of the Sedgwick County Democratic Candidates, visit our Facebook Group and click on the “Files” tab to find the candidate spreadsheet.


At our October 8th membership meeting, we will have a forum with experienced candidates.  The topic of discussion will be how individuals can most effectively assist the candidates in the last few weeks before election day. 


If you’d like to join our Zoom membership meeting on Thursday, October 8th, at 6:30 p.m. email us at:  .  We’ll email the Zoom link to you.  


Thank you all for your continued activism.

Stay safe and vote blue!


Tanya Shryock

Sedgwick County Democratic Women President

KFDW Virtual State Convention
October 2-4

KFDW Online Convention 2020

Tentative Agenda

(subject to change)

Friday, October 2, 2020

6:00 PM               Executive Board Meeting

                                    Adoption of Proposed Standing Rules

Saturday, October 3, 2020

9:00 AM               Presentation of Colors

                                Welcome: Candace Ayars, KFDW President

                                Registration and Credentials Report: Anne Pritchett, KFDW Vice President

                                Motion to accept/amend agenda

                                Minutes: Kristen Armstrong, KFDW Recording Secretary

                                KFDW Policies and Rules: Phyllis Kelly, KFDW Parliamentarian

                                Communications Report: Hollie Niblett, KFDW Communications Secretary

                                Treasurer Report and Budget: Becca Peck, KFDW Treasurer

                                Auditor Report: Anthony Marie Johnson, KFDW Auditor

                                Committee Reports

                                                Publicity: Hollie Niblett/Joe Cheray

                                                Constitution and By-laws: Phyllis Kelly

Legislative: Carolyn Campbell

Program: Marge Zakoura-Vaughan

                                  District Reports

District 1: Jo Schwartz

District 2: Candace Ayars

District 3: Anthony Marie Johnson

District 4: Marge Zakoura-Vaughan

                        Regional Report: Candace Ayars

                        National Convention Report: Candace Ayars and Hollie Niblett

            Old Business

            New Business

                        Nominating Committee

                        Online Store Managment

                        Affirm/Appoint Committee Chairs

11:30 AM: Recess

1:00 PM           Reconvene for business if needed

Sunday, October 4, 2020

9:00 AM          Final Business

                                    Final Credential and Registration Reports

                                    National and Midwest Regional Federation Membership Affirmed

                                    President’s Comments: Candace Ayars

                                    Convention Call for 2021: Jo Schwartz, District 1

                                    Announcement and Adjournment

Contact Us for more info