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Date: 2/24/2022
Subject: March Newsletter
From: JCDW

Dear ~~first_name~~,
The JCDW March 2022 Newsletter is now available on our website, and this month's issue is bursting with important information. You won't want to miss "Never Again: The Fight for Women’s Rights" an article written by Dawn Olney (JCDW North Programs Chair). It's hard to believe that in 2022, we're fighting a constitutional amendment that calls into question a woman's ability to make decisions in her own body, but here we are. The amendment is on the August 2 ballot, which means it's time to move. The Johnson County Democratic Party is organizing canvassers to start in April. 
Also in the newsletter: 
  • JCDW North welcomes Ethan Corson, Stephanie Clayton, and Jerry Stogsdill, who will catch us up on what's happening in Topeka right now. (Spoiler alert: shenanigans.)
  • JCDW South welcomes former Representative Nancy Lusk to talk to us about "Reconciling Faith and Politics in the Reproductive Choice Debate" 
  • We're starting a Banned Books Club -- the first pick will be The 1619 Project
  • Mark your calendars! Flip It Blue is coming July 9!
Christine Morgan
VP of Communications, JCDW South